Sunday, September 6, 2015


5/28/15 I wrote a post about this stupid boy who broke up with me by stopping all contact with me and posting photos with another girl. 

Here is the Link

It is now 9/7/15 and I just wanted to update on how I have been. Well you deleted me off of social media, yet you kept sending me photos with other girls. I now have you blocked. Since your exit from my life I worked a great job over the summer, and came back to school as part of the senior crew. I went to Europe for a couple weeks and yes it was as incredible as I had hoped. I went to five concerts including meeting Train. I just worked on the field of my college’s football stadium and it was incredible. I live in an awesome apartment with three of my best friends. But most of all I am doing really well. I am not the same person before you I am a much better version. I still wish you the best of luck, but I don't really care anymore if you feel the same. Oh and P.s. I’m taking my sister (aka the best concert buddy) to the concert I planned to go with you. She is a better date than you ever will be.
Bailey xx

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Hello Blog!
Here are some photos from our time at Venice. Venice was incredible. I absolutely love boats so it was a dream. I told my dad that I was going to buy a boat. Now I am a broke college student so affording a boat is out of the question. So I came home and bought a Kayak. We went to the beautiful island Burono where they make the glass, and the blue house you see was for sale.  Overall Venice was incredible and I highly recommend visiting!!

Sorry this was so short!
Love You Guys,

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hello Blog,
I just wanted to share with you the two most inspirational songs that have gotten me to this point of my life. I've been thinking a lot about music lately and how important it has been to me and my life. I will post an 8track playlist soon with my all time favorite songs. But for now here are my top two.

Number 2: American Dream MKTO
This song I guarantee if you saw me driving on the highway with this song playing you will see a full concert. I sing the regular lyrics, the harmonies, the guitar, and i play the drums on my steering wheel. Since I have a dream of moving to a big city (Most likely L.A.) to achieve my dreams this song reminds me to keep my dream alive.

Number 1: You Need Me, I Don't Need You Ed Sheeran
I am sure if you knew me you would be well aware how much I love Ed Sheeran. Ever since I heard this song it just reasoned with me and it has became my own anthem. Before every horse show, every speech, every interview, and anything else important in my life I would listen or sing this song to myself. I took one week and learned all the lyrics to the eleven minute version of this song. My parents heard the song one day and were amazed when I completed the whole rap. I have a couple friends that know part of the words along with me. One of them even painted me a picture of Ed and wrote all the lyrics for the background. I have an incredibly independent nature and this song completes my idea that I can achieve my dreams in life with or without the help of others. I have included the normal version of this song and the extended version, so it is up to you which one you want to listen to.

Hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do.
Bailey xx

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rise Again

Hello Blog!
So a while ago I made a post called To The Boy Who Broke My Heart. Well I'll be honest that break up hurt, but I can finally say I am over it. How I knew I was over it was a couple days ago he sent me a snapchat that said hanging with this sweet girl and it was a selfie with some girl I've never seen before, and you know what I was fine with it, like honestly I don't care if you are with others girls, when I get back to school I'll be with other guys. Life has been pretty good for me I just got to travel through Europe and I got to see my best friend twice this week. Over all I know that I do not need a significant other to make me feel full. Its time to set my sights to where I am going and my goodbyes to where I've been.
Bailey xx


Hello Blog!
Now if you follow my Instagram you would have know that Lucerne, Switzerland was the most incredible place I have ever been to. It was absolutely stunning. I loved the weather since it was a big cooler and it was also defiantly not as crowded as the other places we went to. Switzerland was in the middle of the trip so it was like a great break from the hustle and bustle of the other places where we were strictly scheduled. Lake Lucerne was gorgeous during the day and at night. I really wished we could have taken a boat out, but we didn't have the time to do so. When we first arrived, we had some free time to shop or just walk around. After being in a bus for abound six hours all I really wanted to do was to walk around by myself for a while. After wandering around I found a nice bench where I sat next to an old man and just looked over the water. There was a musician playing on the street corner and as I  am looking back my video I had of him has been deleted :/ but I really wish I would have bought one of his CD's. The hotel we stayed at was super nice! My sister and I slept with the windows open since it was a nice night and the beds were incredibly conformable! The mattress and pillows were made from down feathers and you just sunk into the bed without it being too soft. I'm wanting to go back to sleep  in them now! But the food at the hotel was also good and it filled you up like a home cooked meal. As you can tell I loved Switzerland. But if you are ever there you need to take a cable car up to the top of a mountain. I promise, it is life changing. Once you reach the top you look out and realize your on top of the world. We were above the clouds and it was amazing. I sat on a bench for a bit mainly to take in the view, but also the higher altitude was messing with my breathing. But I will let the photos speak for themselves. It was a sad day when we had to leave Switzerland, but I can promise I WILL BE BACK!!
Enjoy the photos.
Bailey xx
Yeah we needed to get out of the bus...

Here is the mountain we went to the top of

Breakfast on the Mountain... Super healthy right?

View from one of the benches I sat at

Some Backpackers I walked behind

Beautiful Streets and Doors

Pano on top of the Mountain

Fountain I passed by

Mountain View

Beautiful Swans

Why are their cows so pretty?!?!?!

Beautiful Streets Again

The Mountain was just incredible

The Lion Statue of Lucerne for the Fallen Swiss Guards

Very neat wood piles

Even in Switzerland

A small cafe

Again the cows were prettier than I was

Train down from the Mountain's cable car

So we had a beautiful conductor for our train... I made sure for the ride down to sit next to him! He was actually great to talk to about the area and Switzerland itself. Also he had a beautiful voice. 
What a great view

I decided I will marry a swiss... or Ed Sheeran whoever comes up first.

Majestic Swans

They were even beautiful