About Me

Hello Blog! This is me! Yes with an awesome iPhone filter because it makes my eyes look great!! A little bit about myself:

Day Dreamer. Night Thinker. Starbucks Lover. Curly Hair Enthusiast.
If you want the abbreviated version, but here goes a full version.
My name is Bailey, and I am a 19 year old Media student at University of Kentucky! I am originally from small town Ohio, and I did just about everything in High School to get myself out. I still consider my small town home, but it doesn't give me the opportunities that the rest of the world has in store. I have very big dreams and a hope to travel around the world. I love music and makeup and I am sure that I will be posting a lot about both. I spend a lot of time online and love reading posts from Buzzfeed, Thought Catalog, and Elite Daily so this is why I started my own blog to put my ideas out there to whomever decides to read them. So if that is you I greatly appreciate the time you have taken to get this far! Please make comments and let me know your views too!! I hope to continue posting to share my views from my desk. Fun Fact: I have a red beta fish named Ed that will be keeping my company as I type! I am sure you will soon realize that yes, he is named after Ed Sheeran. Anyways heres to the hope that Bailey chooses to actually post instead of procrastinate!
Best Wishes,
Bailey xx