Thursday, May 28, 2015

To The Boy That Broke My Heart,

First off I want to say thank you for the great memories you gave me. Its been a week and a half now since you last spoke to me, and I still miss the sound of your voice every night before I go to sleep. I cannot help but to think of you when songs that we'd sing to come on, and I can't help but to still feel sad. I am disappointed with how you left me as I expect you to have the decency to let me know there was someone else in the picture. Just like the playlist is titled did "I really make it that easy to walk right in and out of my life?" I just hope that it wasn't all lies you told me and that it is just as hard to forget about me as it is for me to forget about you. Its been hard to find a break up song since so many people are wanting the person to come back to them, but with us that is not the case. No I do not want you back in my life. I am worth too much to be someone's second choice. I miss the memories we had, but I know someday there will be someone else that will replace them. I still care for you and I wish your family the best. You can truly be a great person with great potential, and its a shame you couldn't be that person for me.  I will continue to see your posts on Facebook and I can't help but to feel sad as there are anything that I was at one point planning on being apart of. I hope to someday look back on this post and be able to read it without getting the feeling of missing you anymore. As my fav Taylor Swift says I will be finally Clean. Best of Luck,Bailey xx