Friday, May 29, 2015

Rainy Days

Hello Blog,
One interesting thing about me is one of my favorite things is rainy days. There is just something that is so beautiful about a rainy day, and I get the the best sleep when its raining at night. In fact if I am having trouble falling asleep I will put on the awesome website Rainy Mood. I feel like this playlist is even better when you put on rainy mood in the background. If something is ever going wrong in my life I feel like after it rains its all over. Quoting one of my favorite artists "I am finally clean" -Taylor Swift. So my love of rain and my dream of moving to L.A. seem to conflict and its almost a deal breaker, but hopefully when it finally rains in L.A. then I will love it even more. I am hoping that when I am in London next week it will rain, there is nothing better than a beautiful city in the rain. 
Best Wishes and I hope for peaceful rainy day,
Bailey xx