Saturday, June 20, 2015


Hey Blog!
I am so sorry for not posting. For about a year I've had trouble with my ankles and after this trip I finally went to the doctor. I found up I've hurt my tendons pretty bad and I am required to go to physical therapy for the rest of the summer. So yeah .... that sucks. At least they think it should be better before I head back to school. The first step is taking medicine that will take the swelling out of the tendon and it is working for that, but the downfall is it is so strong that it makes me sick. I am suppose to be eating quite a bit with it to keep my stomach from hurting, but since I've been working all day I haven't been able to eat enough. Anyways today was my last day on the meds so hopefully I'll start feeling better and get back into the swing of things. Tonight I am queuing up some posts of my trip to share with you guys. I took some of the best photos I have ever taken so I hope you guys will like them. 
Expect new posts tomorrow!
Bailey xx