Friday, June 26, 2015


 Hello Blog!
Paris was incredible!! I came in with an expectation that I wouldn't like it, but that was completely changed!! The food is incredible and so is the shopping!!! I will make a post about all of the things I got from the trip at the end. The church we went into was incredible! While in the bus driving around the Arc de Triomphe we got hit by a car. The traffic was madness and I was so glad that I was not driving. It was interesting to find out in France smoking, eating, and talking on the phone is all illegal while driving. The Eiffel Tower is huge! much larger than I ever pictured it to be. My dad and I went off by ourselves for a couple hours and got to see the underground mall. We then took the subway back to the hotel and walked around the business district for a little while. I wish I had more time to spend in France and to be able to travel outside of the city. Here are some more photos from Paris.

Amazing French Onion Soup

A Lock Bridge We Walked Over
We Passed a Google Car!!

Sister, Dad, and I with our head pieces

Tom who we met under the Eiffel Tower

Amazing Food in Paris


I love Street Art 
My View From a Park I Sat At

Photo in The French Restaurant

Part of The Glass Pyramid By The Louvre

Incredible French  Restaurant

View From Above. (I'm in the sandles)
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