Sunday, September 6, 2015


5/28/15 I wrote a post about this stupid boy who broke up with me by stopping all contact with me and posting photos with another girl. 

Here is the Link

It is now 9/7/15 and I just wanted to update on how I have been. Well you deleted me off of social media, yet you kept sending me photos with other girls. I now have you blocked. Since your exit from my life I worked a great job over the summer, and came back to school as part of the senior crew. I went to Europe for a couple weeks and yes it was as incredible as I had hoped. I went to five concerts including meeting Train. I just worked on the field of my college’s football stadium and it was incredible. I live in an awesome apartment with three of my best friends. But most of all I am doing really well. I am not the same person before you I am a much better version. I still wish you the best of luck, but I don't really care anymore if you feel the same. Oh and P.s. I’m taking my sister (aka the best concert buddy) to the concert I planned to go with you. She is a better date than you ever will be.
Bailey xx